Shrink discs on steep growth course

RINGSPANN reports record demand in OEM business with shaft-hub connections

The companies in the RINGSPANN Group have achieved a new record in incoming orders in the shaft-hub connections product division in 2021. As the management of the Group has now announced, incoming orders are about 50 percent above the figures for previous years. The increasing international demand for RINGSPANN shrink discs from well-known gearbox and plant manufacturers proved to be of particular importance for this growth. In order to further consolidate its successful course on the global market for shaft-hub connections, the Group is currently investing heavily in the production capacities of its production sites in South Africa, China and Europe.

Bad Homburg, March 2022. – "Our order intake in 2021 in the shaft-hub connections business unit is around 50 percent higher than the order volumes of 2019 and 2020. As a result of this strong growth, our order books in this product division are currently well filled," reports RINGSPANN Product Manager Marvin Raquet. There are two main reasons why the company is not only exceeding its own expectations with this pleasing development, but is also likely to be far above the current industry level: on the one hand, it is a result of the Group’s one-stop-shop strategy, which has been driven forward with great commitment in recent years, within the framework of which RINGSPANN is positioning itself as a global manufacturer of premium-class shaft-hub connections, among other things. On the other hand, this reflects the increasing trust of well-known global players in the Group’s product quality and technology know-how. As Marvin Raquet explains, "The above-average demand for our shaft-hub connections is largely generated by series business with large gearbox manufacturers, automation companies and plant manufacturers. On the basis of our international presence, and now with five foreign production plants, we are ideally positioned here both as a supplier and as a development partner for our customers."

New shrink discs as a successful product

At the product level, the good business with two- and three-part shrink discs from the RINGSPANN portfolio is proving to be the driving factor behind the strong growth in incoming orders. Shrink discs are external clamping connections for the backlash-free attachment of hollow shafts or hubs to shafts, without which hardly any drive train can be realized in plant and mechanical engineering. "Within our extensive shrink discs selection, the new RLK 603 S series in particular is currently enjoying brisk demand. These three-part shaft-hub connections are designed for hollow shafts and hubs with outer diameters from 14 mm to 190 mm and torques from 18 Nm to 156,100 Nm. They score points as versatile universalists and convince with the highest torque capacities," says Marvin Raquet.

Expansion of production plants

As a consequence of the exceptionally good order situation in the area of shaft-hub connections, RINGSPANN is currently expanding the production capacities of its international locations in South Africa, China and Europe. While, for example, extensive investments in production are pending for the plant in Bosnia in the coming weeks, RINGSPANN China received the first new machines a few days ago in order to be able to meet – as mentioned – in particular increased demand for the new RLK 603 S shrink discs series.

Among other things, new CNC robot machines were put into operation here at the beginning of the year. The installation of further CNC robot systems and drilling machines, as well as an increase in the workforce by up to 20 percent, are also planned for this year. "With all these measures, we are strengthening both our international production sites and RINGSPANN’s position as a global manufacturer of first-class shaft-hub connections and one-stop supplier of quality products for industrial drive technology," says Marvin Raquet. ar



Loss-free power transmission

In order for a drive shaft to transmit its rotating force without loss, it needs a secure and fixed connection to the hub or shaft of the machine element to be moved. RINGSPANN offers an extensive range of friction-locking shaft-hub connections that – depending on the version – can transmit both torques and axial forces. The current product catalogue provides a complete overview of the current portfolio of two- and three-part shrink discs and cone clamping elements, as well as star discs, star spring washers and clamping systems for torque motors.

Shrink discs from RINGSPANN in industrial gearboxes
Shrink discs from RINGSPANN (shown in red in the figure) ensure the backlash-free connection of gearbox hollow shafts with machine shafts. (Image: RINGSPANN)
RINGSPANN Product Manager Marvin Raquet
RINGSPANN Product Manager Marvin Raquet: "The currently pleasingly strong order intake in the shaft-hub connections division is primarily generated by high demand from major transmission manufacturers, automation companies and plant manufacturers." (Image: RINGSPANN)
shaft-hub connections from RINGSPANN
With the shaft-hub connections from RINGSPANN, hollow shafts or hubs can be attached to rotating shafts without backlash, safely and with high load capacity. (Image: RINGSPANN)

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